Parts of a cockroach leg

College : CMR National PU College, ITPL, Bengaluru

Sample: Periplaneta americana (cockroach)

Site of sample collection: CMR National PU College, ITPL

Date of Collection: 19 February 2019

Date of Observation: 23 February 2019

Students involved: Navyaa Shah, A.S.Vidisha, Malavika Rajesh

A cockroach leg was taken and viewed under the foldscope. The mid-section, joint and tip were seen clearly.

The tip of the cockroach leg was dark brown, tapering and had hair-like structures at regular intervals.

Next, the midsection of the leg was viewed. The mid-section was broad, with hair-like structures and faded from a dark brown colour to an ochre shade towards the sides.

Lastly, the joint of the cockroach was observed. The joint was clearly visible and the segmented sections were precise.

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