The Vein of a Chamomile Leaf, BIO60_2019

I have some chamomile flowers in my dorm room because not only are they pretty decoration but also because I can make them into tea. When planning for this foldscope assignment, I discovered that these chamomile flowers have a third purpose, they make great samples for microscopic viewing! The above picture is of a segment of one of the leaves from my chamomile flowers. Not only do I think it looks like a really cool kaleidoscopic type of picture but it also lets you see how translucent this leaf actually is. When looking at the leaf with the naked eye it just looks green and opaque, however this foldscope image shows how much light is able to get through and that the only opaque part is at the thicker vein segments. I really enjoyed getting to see such a close-up version of this everyday thing that I see sitting on my desk everyday.

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