Tiny Brown Worm – [Bio60_2019]

This is a worm, one of the Bio 60 TAs, Steph, found between the flowers and other organic samples the professor had brought to class. The worm was so tiny, it was less than an inch long and barely 20 hair strands in width. The slide was prepared using a drop of water and a layer of double-sided tape between the slide and the coverslip. The worm was still alive; as you can see in the video. It’s epithelial layer was so transparent; you could see the different membranes. In the first video, you can see the mouth of the worm opening and closing. In the second video I took of the worm’s body you can see the gizzard, crop, intestines and the muscle layer of the worm as it contacts around something it had recently digested. The two videos combined is a full body view of the animal.

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