Today I tried the minerals and sea water. Turns out the insides of the mineral is RED!!!! The structres of the the mineral is so complex. The sea water had little blue animal like things that were very still. We had collected the water at the docks and it was at the surface so it couldn’t be plankton or any animal. We also looked at paper under the microscope and that was more than complex. I saw string like things that were very gross. But these things were very complex and very amazing.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    It’s beautiful to read your summary. Could you draw from your imagination what you saw; that way we will also get a feel for the same. I would love to see some sketches – to show what things looked like under your Foldscope.

    Good luck for your next Foldscope adventure. This world we live in is simple and complex at the same time; the more we know; the better we can understand it, and maybe improve it.


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