Dyed Hair Effects


To tell the difference between dyed and non-dyed hair. To learn the effects of dyed hair.


Could dyed hair end up being damaged?


If two types of hair are compared in the Foldscope then we will tell if dyed hair ends up damaged.


  1. Analyze the two types of hair in the foldscope.
  2. Take photos of the hairs in the foldscope and compare.
  3. Take notes and draw conclusions.

Results and Observations:

We saw in dyed hair many ruptures It seems unhealthy while the non-dyed hair was strong and healthy.

Dyed hair with visible ruptures
Dyed hair with visible ruptures
Normal hair. No visible ruptures.

We Should not dye our hair because it destroys it.


Lab originally prepared by JD

7th Grade Methodist High School

San José, Costa Rica

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