Interaction with Foldscope with NSS volunteers at Dhapa, West Bengal

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta organized a small interactive session with NSS volunteers at Dhapa on 25th January,2019 . Dhapa is located at the outskirts of East Kolkata. Most of the solid waste of the city gets dumped in this area and the people of this region recycle the waste.

Introductory session-

The session started with introducing Foldscope to the participants and its applications.

Demonstrating details of Foldscope to the participants by Ranjan Das, member of team Foldscope, University of Calcutta
Introduction of Foldscope to participants


After brief introduction about Foldscope, our team demonstrated how to observe a slide under Foldscope.

Demonstration and Observation with Foldscope

 Observation and projection-

Different types of prepared slides such as fungi, pollens, amoeba etc were observed under Foldscope as well as got projected via Airdroid application. With this when one participant was observing under Foldscope others could also see it.

Participants Observing with Foldscope
Observation with Foldscope

Conclusion- Concept of Foldscope was new to them and they enjoyed demonstration of Foldscope microscopy

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a wonderful description. Thanks for reaching out in your community.

    Welcome to the foldscope family – we look forward to reading explorations from students.

    Best wishes

    1. Punarbasu says:

      Thank you for your inspiring words. We are trying to reach more marginalised people. Your suggestion on this matter will be very helpful.

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