Difference Between Cells of a Rose Petal and Cells of a Rose Leaf

Purpose of the experiment:
Determine if a rose’s leaf and petal share the same cells.
Problem of the experiment:
Does a rose leaf and petal share the same shape of cells?
If the Foldscope is used to observe a rose’s leaf and petal, then we will be able to determine whether they share the same shape of cells.
 Foldscope
 A healthy rose
 Plastic slides
A. Preparing the samples:
1. Take a healthy rose, including its leaves.
2. Cut a piece of its petal and prepare a slide sample with it.
3. Cut a piece of its leaf and make another slide sample.
B. Comparison of samples:
1. Insert one of the samples into the Foldscope and observe. (you can smash a little part from the sample, if necessary)
2. Record, describe or draw what you see.
3. Insert the other slide sample into the Foldscope and observe again, you can also smash the sample a little bit if necessary.
4. Record, describe or draw what you see.
5. Compare both observations.
After conducting the experiment, I discovered that the rose’s leaf and petals had different kind of cells. Based on what I saw the leaf cells were rectangular (as in all the rest of the plants), while the petals seem to have circular cells.

Rose petal

Rose petal

Rose Leaf
Rose Leaf

Lab originally prepared by Zheng Lu Li Jing

7th grade Methodist High School

San José, Costa Rica

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