Celebrating National Science Day with Foldscope at Bijoynagar High School, Kolkata, India

On National Science Day (February 28, 2019), Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta organized a workshop, “Magnify your curiosity- Explore the Microcosmos with foldscope” at Bijoynagar High School, Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

Participants observing with Foldscope
The map showing location of Bijoynagar High School
Introductory Speech by Dr. Rakhi Roy.
Introductory Speech by Dr.SudhindraNath Patra.
Introductory speech by Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri.
Interactive session with students
Rajan interacting with students
Students amused by watching the specimens in foldscope
Dipmala demonstrating how to use Foldscope

This year’s theme was “The Science for People and The People for Science”. With this theme, we organised our workshop to reach out to school students of standard IX & X.

Introduction Session-

The workshop began with Speech of Headmaster Dr.SudhindraNath Patra. After this session, Dr. Punarbasu Chaudhuri delivered his speech on National Science Day and about this year’s theme. After this introductory speech, the Foldscope session started.

Algae demonstrated with foldscope
Fungi with sporangium and spore demonstrated with foldscope
visualization of amoeba by foldscope
Pollen grains of local plants (Carica papaya)
Pollen grains of Alstonia Sp.

Demonstration session-

This session started with introducing foldscope to the students and its details. After introduction of foldscope to students, demonstration of prepared slides of different specimens such as Amoeba, Algae, Fungi, Pollen, Plant cells were demonstrated.

Slide Preparation session-

In this session we demonstrated students how to prepare a simple slide with a transparent plastic sheet and observed Hibiscus pollen.


This program was a big success as we were able to celebrate National Science Day as well as aware students about Foldscope.

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