Foldscope workshop at RCM College, Khallikote,Odisha.

The map showing RCM college location.
RCM College, Khallikote, Ganjam

On 1st of March 2019, Wetland Research and Training Centre,  Chilika Development Authority, Balugaon Odisha arranged an orientation programme for a graduate students of RCM college. The programme was carried out to have an interaction with faculty and encourage the students to use Foldscope in their laboratory. We visited the Rama Chandra Mardharaj Science College, located at Khallikote, Ganjam ( It is almost 21 kms away from the shore of Chilika Lake and surrounded by green mountain peaks giving students ample of opportunities to explore the microscopic world of Chilika. Foldscope usage in such an environment would help these students in doing the science.

Around 100 students of B.Sc Botany, Zoology and Chemistry joined for the Workshop Programme.

With the given constraint of the resources, the college has just 5 microscopes which is used by about 200 students in their practical classes. The introduction of Foldscope as a personal microscope could reduce the burden of college and facilitate the practical driven learning of science.

The Origami sheet before turning into magnificent Foldscope.
Foldscope Introduction to the students and teachers.
Foldscope orientation.
Teachers taking active participation in Foldscope workshop.
The group picture at the end of the programme.

The workshop was held with the introductory presentation about Chilika, Seagrasses, Foldscope and proper utility of Foldscope in the field of Biology. The group of listener constituted around 100 students from Botany, Zoology and Chemistry background. Other than the students around 17 teachers took active participation in the programme. The next session included teaching them about the preparation of Foldscope, preparation of slide, mounting of sample, analysing the sample under Foldscope and recording the interaction in their cellular device. The workshop came to an end with the hope that it sensitized the students and teacher both about foldscope and its application in biodiversity assessment and further encouraged them to use these portable paper microscopes in their practical classes.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a wonderful and impactful pictures – I can see the excitement in eyes of the kids.

    Great work Team Chilika!


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