Foldscoping Eucalyptus flowers @ Kansal forest

Trekking through the Kansal forest, we came across large Eucalyptus trees that belong to family Myrtaceae of angiosperms. Off-white flowers fallen from the trees were picked up for study.

The floral buds were vase-shaped and had a cap that sheds off as the flowers bloom. Petals not marked, but large number of stamens could be seen. During anthesis, stamens beneath the brown, woody cap swell blowing out the cap. The stamens had white coloured filaments and light yellow to light brown anthers at their ends.

The filaments were comparatively thick and multi-cellular with localized, swollen areas visible clearly in carmine stained filaments. The anther lobes were gently teased and the pollen grains released. Minute, triangular, tri-colpate pollen were seen under foldscope.

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