Journey of more public awarness about science.

Here at Knowledge Space -a maker place in Iraq, Kirkuk- we are very excited and happy to announce the start of promoting for science era.
By the empowerment of Foldscope instruments, we put long term commitment to share this learning tool with public all over Iraq. And introduce Foldscope to people especially students.

Officially we did the first 2 Foldscope workshops in (28-02-2019 & 01-03-2019) by inviting people through our Facebook page to apply. Surprisingly in the first 10 hours, we got 19 responses and by 2 days only we had 44 applications.
The target age was (5-11) because we wanted to reach families too. The total attendees were 35.

Our workshop was like this: ( 2 hours long with a coffee break )
1- Started with a brief presentation about living organisms in general then connect the topic with microorganisms and show the typical microscope and finally introduce Foldscope by comparing.
2- Construction & assembly of Foldscope
3- Observation of simple slides.
The next workshop will be hopefully this Thursday for more in-depth training.

The atmosphere that Foldscope created was undescribable both parents and kids were fully engaged with Foldscope. The lovely scenes were so warm and that time I personally felt that I am so lucky to be the first one doing this in my country and looking forward to take it to everyone that has not met Foldscope.

Foldscope is a valuable product for many reasons, during this workshop I realized something else, which it makes people close to each other literally because the moment you see something new you start smiling and want to show it to someone else (When you hold the Foldscope to make sure the other person will see exactly what you saw).

I really would like to keep writing more about what I feel so I will make sure to include in my every post a section for what we feel when enjoying Foldscope. 🙂

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Your words and pictures bring a tear in my eye – what a beautiful juxtaposition of passion and love for explorations. You make all of us so proud @Mohamad.

    We can’t wait to welcome everyone at the workshop to The Foldscope community. This is exactly why we started it all. You remind us that we all can do something for our community – no matter what circumstances. You are a shining light – we are so proud of this community.

    Always keep exploring.


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