Aloe skin and thorn

COLLEGE NAME : CMR National PU College

SAMPLE NAME : Aloe vera skin and thorn

SAMPLE COLLECTED FROM : Aloe vera plant on 05/03/2019

SAMPLE OBSERVED AT : CMR National PU College on 06/03/2019

STUDENTS INVOLVED : Kruthika, Bindu, Sushmitha, Ankitha, Trisha, Rashmi

When viewed from naked eye ,the aloe vera skin looks green colour with faint lines.A little portion of the aloe skin is stained with safranin .The stained portion when viewed under foldscope ,the faint lines are clearly seen.The outer layer of the aloe skin is also visible as a darkly stained border.

Aloe vera thorn is a very small structure on the border of the leaf.When viewed from naked eye it just looks like a spiky structure.But when viewed under the foldscope we can observe different layers .The outer most layer is very dark and it is the most dried one.Then comes the less dried one.

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