T.S of Coriander Root

College name: CMR National PU college,ITPL

Sample name: Root of coriander

Sample collected and Date: Home, 06-03-2019

Sample observed at and date: CMR National PU college,ITPL on 06-03-2019

Students involved: Bindu, Trisha, Rashmi, Sushmitha, Kruthika, Ankitha.

The image below is transverse section of a root of coriander.

TS Of Coriander Root

Firstly, we dissected the transverse section of coriander root. Then we stained it with saffarnin and we prepared a slide with it. Then we observed the slide under foldscope. We found xylem and others parts of the root. The bubbles like structures in the above image are xylem. The transverse sections showed xylem arrangement typical to dicot roots.

Xylem arrangement in coriander root TS

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