View of the tail and antenna of Firebrat

College name: CMR National PU College (ITPL)

Sample name: Firebrat

Sample Collected from and date: From home on 5/3/19

Sample Observed at and date: CMR National PU College (ITPL) on 6/3/19

Students involved:Leelavathi, Lekhana Bharthi, Shilpa Shree

The image below is of the tail of the insect firebrat which is a silverfish.

Firebrat is an insect having 3 long thread like tails that split from the tip of the abdomen. It also has two antenna on their head.

These insects have a flat silvery body with spike like hair protruding from yellowish scale type plates.

Firebrats do not bite, sting, or hurt people. Their presence is a nuisance more than anything, and they rarely form infestations indoors.

Firebrat belongs to the Kingdom Animalia, phylum arthropoda, class insecta, order Thysanura, family Lepismatidae, genus Thermobia species domestica. It is scientifically called Thermobia domestica .

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