Where are the microbes?

After putting together our foldoscope, when we look through we can’t seem to see anything that looks like a microbe? Also we thought we saw one but it is always there no matter which direction we look. We are not doing something right!  Also sometimes it looks like we can see our own eyelash. Not sure if that is our eyelash or something else.

Then Foldoscope did magic through their angel Hanomi! She patiently explained the process till we got it all right and then we saw it! The first glimpse of the microcosmos – My dad and I were super excited!!!! Here are some pictures of our first glimpse…..

Thank you Hanomi!!

Mosquito Mouthparts!!
Mosquito Mouthparts!!

Mosquito Mouthparts!!
Fern Rhizome!

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  1. jakedanick says:

    Thank you Honomi!! Finally we got to see the microcosmos!!!! Fern Rhizome & Mosquito mouthparts!!! WOW!!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Welcome to the community.


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