Swamp Adventures

Yesterday I had the incredible opportunity to go to a secret swamp with the inventor of foldscope! I’m so thankful to be taught all the tricks and tips of foldscope use by the master himself. We had a wonderful time looking at ciliates and I even found a nematode. I’m so happy to have met so many new friends, in the human world and microcosmos!

Thank you so much to Manu Prakash for welcoming us with open arms (on his birthday as well!) and to his entire lab for this amazing time. Thank you also to Caltech for making this possible and for including foldscopes in their biology curriculum. I am so inspired by these incredible microscopes and cannot wait to teach others how to use them!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for such warm words @Lkita. To foldscope in a swamp is a nice birthday present I gave myself; thanks for bringing your curiosity – it was indeed an incredible Foldscoping session. I am still counting the number of species we observed.

    Welcome to The Foldscope community. You are the bridge to the Caltech community – and I am so thrilled to see many more from Caltech join in exploring our natural world together.

    On to that worm – as far as nematodes go – that’s an incredible long worm. I will ping some nematode specialists in our community to see if we can identify the same.


  2. RebeccaKonte says:

    I am so excited to see your post!

    Hahaha, when this nematode first came into view the reactions from the group (mainly screams) were just priceless!

    It was awesome meeting you yesterday. I can’t want to see what else you & those at Caltech end up bringing to this community. 🙂


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