Magic in a bottle

In rushing through life; we often forget to see how strange and wonderful and magical our world actually is. With videos and photo capturing technologies – some of that magic can be shared. But it can not always be experienced the same way when you hold it in your hand.

Today is one such example – I am Foldscoping some amazing dinoflagellates tonight (lots of data coming soon) – but I wanted to share this video before anything. Here is a flask of “single cell” – I shake the flask and boom – almost like a light bulb – the whole flask glows. I stop, and it’s pitch dark again. I shake again, and just like a flick of a switch – it glows as if no tomorrow. This is pyrocistis noctiluca. In the next few posts, I will share the microscopic view of this beautiful organism – but right now, I want you to enjoy and just look at this dreamy creature that decided to glow when shaken! Seeing this with your own eyes is beyond words – I wonder why our ancestors believed in strange stories – they were just discovering science.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    I should have mentioned – the bottle is a gift from Adam Larson in the lab, the dinoflagellate whisperer! Thanks Adam.


  2. Akib says:

    Wow! Is it the sea sparkle? How amazing!

  3. laksiyer says:

    Fun stuff Manu. I carry with me a uv light nowadays at all times to see if anything is fluorescent too.

  4. laksiyer says:

    Can’t wait to see your imaging experiments.

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