Workshop on Foldscope at Kendagora Adarsha Sikshayatan, Amlasole, Jhargram, West Bengal, India

Jhargram, located in the western part of West Bengal, is a well-known location for its wooded beauty and topology. In the afternoon of 2nd March and morning of 3rd March 2019, Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta organized a workshop, “Magnify your curiosity- Explore the Microcosmos with Foldscope” at Kendagora Adarsha Sikshayatan, Amlasole, Jhargram, West Bengal.

Kendragora Adarsha Siksayatan is situated at Amalasole, a remote village in Jhargram. It is a primary school and the students belong to local communities of the village. The students do not have access to modern scientific tools and instruments.

Location of the Workshop
Kendagora Adarsha Sikshayatan, Amlasole, Jhargram, West Bengal, Indiaa

Events of First Day, 2nd March, 2019 are as follows-

Introductory Session-

The workshop started with developing a brief idea of nature and its living components by Pradip Das (Secretary, Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya).

Brief Introduction to Microscope and Microscopic World –

In this session students were given an idea of Microscope and its applications. The concept of micro-organisms was introduced to the students.

Demonstration session-

In this session Ranjan Das (member of foldscope team), gave a brief speech on foldscope and demonstrated how to use foldscope to the participants, followed by introduction and demonstration the concept of cell and cellular structure of plant cell.

Demonstration of Foldscope to the students
Demonstration of live algal sample of nearby locality under Foldscope by Ranjan

Next, prepared slides of algae, fungi, pollen grains were demonstrated.

Slide Preparation-

In this session Ranjan demonstrated temporary slide preparation to participants and its observation under foldscope. After this participants prepared slides of algae, pollen grains, onion peel etc. and were observed under foldscope.

School students enthusiastically preparing temporary slides
School students preparing slides
Prepared slides of the students with name

Events of First Day,3rd March, 2019 are as follows-

The next day, Foldscope session started with brief introduction and revision of previous day’s Foldscope session.

Slide preparation of Blood Smear-

After this session, we prepared a slide of human blood smear with sterilised needle and observed under foldscope.

Blood smear preparation by local people (a-c) Blood sample collection, (d) smeared slide, (e)local people observing the slide under foldscope, (f) Live image of blood sample

After this students also prepared some temporary slides of readily available materials such as monocot and dicot leaves etc.


This was their first exposure to foldscope and microscopic world and they were amazed to observe under foldscope.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear @Punarbasu,

    This is just an incredible post – absolutely love the energy in the room. Thanks for bringing microscopy to communities that need such tools the most. You are opening up opportunities for these kids not only in science and innovation; but also providing them a role model in you. I am looking at that deck of slides – the kids must have enjoyed watching such a large collection of samples.

    Incredible work. Your dedication makes me so proud of this community. Can’t wait to see what the kids will explore.


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