Aphids seen on Chrysanthemums under foldscope

Chrysanthemum plants are in full bloom these days in my garden.Some plants however are still young and have not flowered. The other day, I noticed some flies on it. On moving closer, I saw it infested with aphids. The leaves were showing white sticky patches and dark brown-grey coloured minute pests sticking near the growing tip and surrounding leaves.

I fixed a sample on a slide and observed small black-brown Nymphs and dark brown large adults.

Pests being arthropods pass through various phases till they metamorphose into adults. The insect moves through different stages by moulting its exoskeleton. On scanning the slides, I saw some casts shed out during the moulting process which showed some kind of lluminiscence under polrised light as was seen in case of Rose aphids. 

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