Foldscope Orientation Workshop at Shivaji Park Lion School for Deaf.

Foldscope Orientation workshop was conducted on 11th March 2019 at Shivaji Park Lion School for Deaf. The workshop was organised for 7th standard students of the school. The workshop included introduction to foldscope with help of their class teacher, followed by demonstration of slide preparation. The participants later prepared slides of Spirogyra, stomata of betel leaf, onion peel, pollen of hibiscus and fish scales which they observed under foldscope. The participants interestingly explored the new practical world through foldscope.

The captured images of their slides were then compared to the images printed in their science textbook for better understanding. The pre-prepared slide of fungus was also shown to the participants. They also tried on their own to capture images of the slides through foldscope.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear Gaya3,

    Watching the smile on the kids faces here is priceless. What a fantastic initiative. Thank you for creating opportunities and sharing the tools with passion and curiosity.

    Also; it would be wonderful if you share your methods you used at the school, what techniques did you use to communicate the ideas associated with using the tool.

    I hope this post inspires others to share and explore – you are a wonderful inspiration for many to follow.


    1. Gaya3 says:

      Dear Dr. Manu,
      Thank you very much for your encouraging message. It was indeed a fruitful & satisfying experience with the kids. Foldscope was totally new to them and they hadn’t used microscopes too. We took the help of their teacher to introduce the tool to them. She used sign language along with chalk-board to explain it to them in their local language. In hardly 10 minutes, they grasped the idea and were too excited to use the Foldscopes. We just had to show them
      One alide preparation and they were all so fast and enthusiastic to do on their own – which they did excellently.

      We opened their science textbooks and they swiftly pointed out the images of fungi, pollen, stomata, onion peel in the book after making their own slides and viewing them through Foldscope.

      It was such an emotional and humbling experience to our team from Ruparel College, Mumbai and we cannot thank you and DBT enough for this opportunity. We will surely keep up our little contributions to the larger cause envisaged by you. Thank you very much.

      We also had lighter moments with them when a couple of students, seeing eosin stain for the first time, thought it was blood. They made signs of cutting their wrists & showing the stain bottle !

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