Hello Fellow Foldscopers!

In case you haven’t visited Microcosmos in a while, you might have noticed some new changes to the website!  We updated the theme, added some content, and hopefully made posting easier.  We are also now able to assign DOI’s (digital object identifiers) to each post so that your Microcosmos post can be cited in scientific literature. Our Instagram account instagram.com/foldscope is now live to highlight our community’s amazing posts on Microcosmos and to catalog the Foldscope team’s adventures.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!  And keep on Foldscoping!


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Just testing the new website template. Really like the two sided panel view. Very visual.

    1) See if we can have multiple big images on the left side; so instead of one image; we could have a little bar that allows us to “slide view” multiple images on the left side.
    2) Color scheme – any other lighter colors for the comment box instead of grey; although I like it.
    3) Is it possible to have color tags based on posts related to physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics?

    I will list more ideas here.


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