Made another new friend!

Every observation I make under Foldscope leaves me with many questions and curiosities about Microorganisms.
The First thing every time I want to know is the name. So the interesting part is just beginning because the discovery is not done yet!
The journey of data collecting is endless because no one knows what you will find along the way of searching for answers.

I feel myself like a real researcher 🙂

I will try to write down my questions and once I find answers will publish both of them.

Took some pictures too>

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful and clean video. The behavior of the organism is so typical; it’s fascinating to think about what it’s possibly thinking!

    As you documentbyour experiments; list how the samples were collected and put a picture of a spot where you collected the sample. This will teach others how to spear your effort.

    And yes – you indeed are a researcher. This is how any scientist feels. A never ending quest for questions and answers.

    Just phenomenal observation.


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