My friend Lucas and Foldscope

I have known my friend Lucas for only a few months; but after Foldscoping outdoors for two or three times; he noticed that I collect tiny little things. And one day, I open the door and Lucas is at the door with his own bag of tiny little things and he tells me “I want to see this in the microscope”.. It was music to my ears and we got immediately to work.
Lucas parents are incredible naturalists/biologists; and Mr Lucas can name way way more more birds by spotting compared to me. But that story is for another day.
Here I finally ended up documenting his passion for the small world and his smile when he spots something under a Foldscope. Take a look.

I look forward to years of Foldscoping in the jungles of Peru with my friend Lucas.

Until next time..



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  1. Saad Bhamla says:

    @manu – What a fun video series! Kids are naturally so curious 🙂

    This just made my day! Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. laksiyer says:

    Oh how adorable.

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