You clot me!

A few days ago I tried observing a wet mount of my own blood. The very same slide now has a large number of fibrin networks, the end result of the various steps of pathways that lead to clotting of blood.

These fibrin networks not only prevent leaking of blood out of a vessel, they also trap cells within them effectively! This is good when it comes to preventing spread of pathogenic cells to other parts of the body.

These look very beautiful microscopically. The images are as below

The final image also shows some air bubbles that ended up trapped in the fibrin network.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    This is gorgeous @Ronak. I think we can think of some interesting math with this fibrin network . For example, are there nodes? and if there are how many strings connect to each node and what is the distribution of it. Should make for a nice project.

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