The Pocket Microscope

Outreach Programme on University of Kalyani Campus

Between 7th and 9th of February 2019, University of Kalyani, West Bengal, conducted an Academic Festival 2019 for the first time on campus where academic stalls were raised from each Department of the University. Dr. Ekramul Islam along with his scholars was privileged to conduct an outreach programme on the utility of Foldscope to the versatile visitors at the Microbiology Department’s stall.  This display of Foldscope was a huge success as great enthusiasm and urge to know more about the unseen world was greatly appreciated among the visitors especially the University fraternity, school children as well as research scholars of different departments.

The programme was visited by our Vice Chancellor, Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh along with Vice Chancellor of West Bengal State University, Prof. Basab Chaudhuri, who greatly cherished the programme and found the project to be very interesting.

Observing the Foldscope Demonstration
From right to left (Front)
Vice Chancellor of University of Kalyani
Prof. Sankar Kumar Ghosh

Vice Chancellor of West Bengal State University
Prof. Basab Chaudhuri
Prof. Ashis Kumar Panigrahi
H.O.D. Department of Zoology
University of Kalyani
Prof. Samir Kumar Mukherjee
H.O.D. Department of Microbiology
University Of Kalyani
Department of Microbiology’s Stall in Academic Festival, 2019

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