Nice little roumd creatures

This is an image of two circular life forms in a drop of pond water. The location was collected at Caltech in the Turtle Pond around 4/08/19. Sample was obtained by pipetting a drop of pond water onto a microscope slide.

The domain of the item is probably protista, because these life forms are single celled and have complex organelles in the form of internal circles. The magnification of the foldscope is 140 times. We see that on the phone, the cells were around 2.5 cm long. This means the life forms were 0.018 cm across. Questions: What is the exact species of the organism? Why is there a concentric circle inside the life form on the left? Why isn’t there a circle on the right life form? One approach to answering them is to figure out the specific circular protist by comparing to pictures of common pond life. We see that these life forms are like some kind of algae.

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