Baxter Pond Paramecia!!

paramecia swimming around in a sample of pond water collected from the pond next to Baxter Hall (collected at 6:00 pm 4/10/19 in a test tube)

paramecia: domain eukaryote, size: .25 mm (guessed it was paramecia based on appearance)

foldscope lens magnification: 140x

Some possible questions: are there any other forms of life in the sample? (observe more slides) are paramecia thriving in this pond water?

I could look into this by collecting more samples and seeing if the organism is actually a paramecia by comparing it to known samples.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful data set. It’s not so obvious that it’s a paramecium – since the diversity of ciliates is explosive. Love the dark-field technique.

    Fantastic. Good luck hunting – keep exploring.

    I am curious how many distinct species of ciliates might you find in the pond? How would you know that you have searched enough?


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