Introducing Foldscope in my college’s annual festival

This time I wanted to take bigger step and organize for presenting the amazing Foldscope at crowded festival.
Now after everything is done I am happily writing to you step by step the preparation for the festival, experience and lessons I learned. And of course about the festival it self. Happy reading

1) The Idea & taking in the reasons

After I deciding to do this I had to seek for college permission. Everything went very well, me and Foldscope could
fully attract organizer’s attention. I asked for support in order to bring the perfect show to festival.
Thankfully they were supportive and assisted me to prepare for the festival.

2) Preparation before festival:

1- Make list of things I need for example ( Datashow – box for projection – assemble Foldscopes – Papers – design and print roll up banner – tables (3).

2- Choose a good place ( I was in the entrance 🙂

3- Set Team + divide roles. ( We ended up with 6 members )
Me: Full presentation with datashow about foldscope + comparison
between microscopes using 2 same slides so people can see the power
of Foldscope.
Mustafa: Explaining sample A & B + show people how to use Foldscope
Ahmed: Explaining sample C + How to use phone to take pictures
Attilla: On projection mode/ It worked very well my friends father he is
engineer so he made a basic box for us and he offered to make
another better one for future 🙂
Ali: logistics
Wisam: Photographer

3- During the Festival

Finally it was the big day in 2019 – 04 – 06. As soon as I opened the roll up banner in the early morning people started asking about what’s this thing and I had lots of things to do and make final touches so I had to tell them to wait for the opening of festival. (I realize now if there was another one with me from the team could help me in this or I had to wait before opening the banner So this is lesson one).

The order of tables was like this:
1st/ it was for me and all 3 kinds of microscope ( Foldscope, Stereo and Antique) for comparing. I put also Foldscope parts and ready lab made slides kit. Just right behind me the Data Show was projecting at the wall.

2nd/ showing the samples and taking pictures stage you can find the in this document the names and papers I printed.

3rd/ The projection box and leaving people with full of curiosity

So each one of visitors went through first, second and third table orderly in smooth way to make sure the process is flowing.

All Action

That was how our corner looks like. I did not have the chance to sit back for some time. People liked the idea and they were fully engaged.
Now leaving you with some pictures and videos.

Below is video when the Dean of University visited us.


Foldscope was the topic of conversations. We created big impact and people was super impressed. Personally I see that my work has reached its goals and I learned many many things during past 10 days. It was really good experience for me and I am proud of myself for being part of this.
If you ask me were there anyone who knew about Foldscope? Yes, I met only one person who knows already about Foldscope which is Shans she is from India, a lecturer at Pharmacy department. We decided to make Foldscope orientation next week for her students.


1- Bring a good photographer ( I was super busy so I forgot to take some good pictures during the festival )
2- Try to find someone to help you instead of doing everything by your self. Like in the preparation for the festival I was very busy so if you are 2 at least everything will go smoothly but they should know what you want and does not need to follow up after them.
3- More training for the team if you are not going to do alone. ( Ours was very good) but in case of shifting roles, they should be able to handle it.
4- I would like to make a solo presentation about Foldscope next like everything happens in one big table. ( The reason why I did not do that is because I know there are lots of people so it would be crowded and some may miss the show.
5- Next time I will definitely add a wet mount I tried in the morning but run out of time to find live organisms.
6- Maybe “make a slide” option would be also nice touch to the show so this one also will be added next time.

Thanks for reading and I hope you will like what I have done recently to grow Foldscope community in Iraq.
I cannot wait to see many people engaging here with you (I mean with the world!). I am working to find a way to convey the importance of this platform so they begin to post their discoveries more often.

Looking forward to your opinions and best of luck in whatever you are doing 🙂

Warm regards,

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Love the post Mohammad. What a great review of your day – and all that excitement in the room. Power of ideas always grows when you share them – and you set an excellent example for every one of us in the community – only when you share science, or grows exponentially.

    More soon – lots to chat about. Good luck with the session coming next.

    Thank you!


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