Pond Observation

Observations from pond water 4.1.2019 6pm.

A tiny translucent organism can be seen around the soil block. The sample was obtained by scooping up silt from a local pond. The domain of this creature is bacteria, it does not appear to have organelles like Eukaryotes such as humans, but the bottom of a pond is not an extreme enough environment for this creature to be an Archaea. The magnification of the foldscope is 140x and the magnification of the iPhone is around 217x (screen area/lens area since the foldscope was placed right at the lens.) On the phone, the creature was about 0.1 cm, so the organism is around 2.80 micrometers.

Potential Questions: Why does the organism drift around the dirt clump only?
Are there more bacteria of similar kind in that dirt block?
Approaches to answering question: Break up the dirt clump and observe, get a stronger light and see if we can see into the clump

Another observation/question we could test is to see if the organism actually has organelles by dying the water sample it is in and seeing if there any organelles appear.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Beautiful observation. One simple thing you can do is use “digital zoom” to get a higher magnification when you find something. You will also be able to focus better with a digital zoom!


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