Bi 001 Foldscope Observations

This is a photograph of a foldscope viewing of a sample of water taken from Lily pond by Baxter lecture hall. The sample was obtained from the Lily pond during the day of 4/9/19 at an unknown time. This photograph was taken the same day at 9:00 PM.

The small green organism near the center of the picture is probably a bacterium. We can guess this based on its small size and unusual color. The magnification of the foldscope is 140x and the length of a typical bacterium is 7 μm, so the small size is consistent. I wonder if the greenish area on the side of the image could also be an organism. To test this I would have to examine some of the other pictures I took and compare them to a chart of microorganisms. Additionally, in the future I would like to clean the lens in order to get a clearer view of the organisms.

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