Caltech Water Flea

Image taken 4/15/2019 at 4:50 pm at lily pond in front of Ramo auditorium. A pipette was used to obtain a small sample of water from the rotting muck at the bottom of the pond and was imaged on a glass slide with coverslip using a Moto G4 camera.

It appears that the organism in the image is in domain eukarya due to its large size compared to algae in the background. It’s anatomy contains a 2-pronged tail, bulbous chest, and mouth involved in eating algae and other detritus. I would identify this organism as a sort of arthropod, perhaps a water flea, but a more detailed image would be necessary to confirm this. Note that it was stationary throughout all the imaging.

I would like to know what the two internal structures, blue-ish structures are inside the flea. Additionally, does it have arms near the end of its body with all the algae?


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