Life in Baxter Pond

Above is an image of water from Caltech’s Baxter Pond taken through a Foldscope lens using an iPhone 8. Some plant material is visible, but the main subject of the photo is the white wormlike organism in in the center. It was observed moving rapidly through the sample but then briefly paused long enough to take a clear picture. The sample was obtained from Baxter Pond at approximately 7 pm on 4/10/19 by simply scooping pond water into a plastic screw-on container.

The organism must be in the domain Eukaryota. Judging by its size and complex structure hinted at in the photo, the organism must be multicellular. Thus, the only possible domain is Eukaryota.


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  1. SkyFromFoldscope says:

    Very impressive work capturing an image of something that fast!

    Skylar from the Foldscope Team

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