Turtle Pond Examination

This video was taken at 7:44 P.M. on 4/10/2019 and depicts a magnified video of a Turtle Pond Sample collected at 6:20 P.M on that same day. This particular droplet of the sample was pipetted from a plastic vial containing the Turtle Pond water.

A few questions come to mind when considering the above picture. What is the large shadow depicted within the video next to the microorganisms? Is it essential to the livelihood of these beings? Additionally, what is the relationship between the large microorganism and the smaller ones? Are they the same entities at different stages? What are their respective species, and what is their primary method of movement?

To answer these various questions, one could take a number of approaches. A key component of knowing more about this photo and answering our questions lies in identifying the organisms involved. To do this, one may need to use the foldscope’s scale to determine the lengths of the organisms. Aside from this, one could also attempt to identify distinct movement habits and bodily formations (i.e. organelles, color, etc.). In this way, one could describe the physical characteristics of each organism and find out which species fit the particular descriptions. Additionally, further examination of their interactions could clue us in on their relationship between the three (looking up reference examples would be valuable).


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