Making Slides in Your Spring Gardens

The goal of Foldscoping these spring flowers was to experiment with the most accessible and easy to use tools to gather samples. I am forever amazed by this world of the microcosms! I am even more amazed that a paper microscope, tape, a paper slide & my iPad & cell phone can capture these images.

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  1. anonymouszdang says:

    Sounds fun but why when i create a slide, everything seems to be all dead somehow can u explained it to me plsssss…

  2. kdvcac says:

    Hi how do you use your ipad and phone to do photos = can you use either or or do you use ipad for macro flower photos and phone for micro vue + do you need the led magnifer to make photos from your phone or can you use simply the phone and normal vision and light? thx

  3. kdvcac says:

    also do you really use scotch instead of glass does it not blurr it is hard to imagine that the above photos are made with slides under cardboard and sello tape? true ?

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