One day with foldscope at the Srijan arts school, Purulia, West Bengal, India

A one-day workshop was conducted in Srijan Arts School, Balaram, Purulia, West Bengal, India. Students from different classes were present. To them, The concept of the microscope was in itself a fascinating thing. When a paper microscope was introduced to them, they were excited to observe the microcosmos through the Foldscope.

Introductory Session

The session started with the introduction of Paper microscope the “Foldscope” to the participants through which they can explore the microscopic world.

Pradip Das, delivering introductory speech on Foldscope.

Demonstration Session

The Foldscope team demonstrated the procedure to fold the foldscope from a sheet of paper, its handling and its application to observe the microscopic life forms

Dipmala demonstrating how to use foldscope to the participants
Ranjan instructing the participants how to observe under foldscope

Slide preparation session

In this session, Slide preparation technique was demonstrated to the students by the Foldscope team and then the individual student was allowed to prepare slides by themselves so that they observe their own slides under foldscope.

Observation under Foldscope.

The students prepared slides of pollen grains of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, and Bauhinia and each slide made by the students were observed under Foldscope and documented.

pollen grains present in the slides prepared by students
participants observing their prepared slides under foldscope

Conclusion The students from different classes were present in the Arts school and they were enthusiastic to see the origami paper microscope and highly interested to observe the microcosmos through the Foldscope. Their interest, curiosity, and response throughout the workshop are worth mentioning, making the workshop Successful.

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