One day workshop on Foldscope at Baghmundi village of Purulia, West Bengal, India

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta, in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya, organised a one day workshop on the morning of 15th April 2019 at Bongada Bidu Chandan Birda Gaarh Primary School, Purulia, West Bengal, India.

Workshop at Bongada Bidu Chandan Birda Gaarh Primary School, Purulia, West Bengal, India

Introductory Session-

The session started with giving a basic idea of how small our naked eyes can see without the help of any instruments followed by giving a basic idea how small micrometer is.

Interactive session with the students on the microscopic world

After this foldscope was introduced to them, a tool that can be used to see the invisible world, which can be made by folding a paper.

Demonstration session-

In this session, Ranjan, member of foldscope team demonstrated how to observe under foldscope. Various slides of algae, fungi, pollen etc were demonstrated under foldscope.

Slide preparation session-

Argemone mexicana, was very abundant in this place. So we decided to prepare the slides of pollen grains to observe under foldscope.

Students preparing slides of pollen
Students preparing slides of Argemone mexicana anther to observe under foldscope

At first Ranjan, demonstrated a quick slide preparation by putting one anther on a slide and then pressing the anther with the blunt end of forceps to release the anther and after that a piece of transparent tape was used to cover it, followed by writing the name on the side of slide.

After this students were divided into teams of 3students in each and one by one all the teams prepared their slides and observed under foldscopee.


Students observing pollen grains for the the first time under foldscope
Local people observing with foldscope
Students first time experiencing microscopic world with foldscope
pollen grains of Argemone mexicana under foldscope prepared by the students.
All the slides prepared by the participants

This was their first exposure to foldscope and as well as microscopic world. The workshop was a huge success.

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