Foldscopy of green algae, Cladophora sp.

The Northern Sector of Chilika has tremendous amount influx of fresh water to the system and sheltering huge number of fresh water macrophytes and algae. During the ground survey of macrophytes in these area, dense growth of green algae was observed here. They were collected, mounted and observed under the Foldscope. The green algae were identified to be Cladophora sp.

Macrophyte dominated sampling site.
sample collection from the macrophyte dominated area
Cladophora sp. under foldscope

Cladophora sp. belong to the family cladophoraceae are usually found to be attached to the rocks or timbers submerged in shallow lakes and streams and there are some marine species. The growth of Cladophora is necessary as it is an important food for many fish and other aquatic animals. It acts as a buffer for the sequestration of nutrients in the water body. Under special circumstances drastic overgrowth of Cladophora sp. forms algal blooms and develop floating mats which act as a pest in the aquatic system.

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