SVERI’S College Of Engineering ,Pandharpur Arranged One Day Workshop On Foldscope At Government School, Anavali.

SVERI’S College Of Engineering Pandharpur arranged a one day workshop on Foldscope. In Government school anavali.

Introduction:- The session started with giving a basic idea of foldscope and how to use it.

Demonstration:- In this session we demonstrate the student how to prepare foldscope and how to observe slides under foldscope.

Observations:- student observe some cancer slides with the help of foldscope.

(A) Cancer Slide 1
(B) Cancer Slide 2

Conclusion:- By Observing this large size of cancer cells students gets exited. This was the great process of teaching learning.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Congratulations – thrilled to read and see the excitement amongst the students. Really looking forward to see what the students will explore.


  2. rutarapurkar says:

    Thank You Sir.

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