Polyad Pollens of Madras Thorn or Manila Tamarind (Pithecellobium dulce)

Polyad is a type of pollen arrangement in which many pollens are joined together to create round structure. Pithecellobium dulce pollens are polyad.

In Mumbai, near my house, Madras Thorn or Manila Tamarind is flowering right now. I collected its flowers and took pictures using Foldscope. Pollens look beautiful, each polyad must be around 30-50 microns in size.

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  1. laksiyer says:

    A wonderful picture of the poylad pollen. Why might they be fused like that?

    1. edurafi says:

      Thanks. Fusion of the pollens is very rare in nature but don’t know the advantage of it. Someone must have studied it, will need to do some reading.

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