How to sample a lake with a bottle – Horseshoe Bend – California

A small post to explain how to have a look of the living pelagic organisms in a lake with a bottle and the 25 um mesh.

Fill the bottle with water from below the surface, cut the cap to create an hole and insert the mesh before closing.

The objects bigger than 25 um will stay of the mesh and when all the water is poured, it’s easy to pipette on the mesh the remaining water.

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a fantastic tip Thibaut! Makes for a great way to sample a lot of samples in one shot!


  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Can I say; you are on fire!

  3. Mitali says:

    Woww!!!! Love love love this trick!!

  4. tpollina says:

    It’s a very easy way to sample water but remember to annotated the bottle in order to not drink it by mistake ahah

  5. laksiyer says:

    Ah and why didnt I think of this 🙂 … Great great great tip and can be used for concentrating cultures too. Going to use it really soon.

  6. MananSuri says:

    This is such a useful tip!

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