New Foldscope Design

Hello ,

I was working on a new design of foldscope. I had An idea of creating quick chnage in foldscope and make it darkfield and brightfield side by side . so that you can quickly change between darkfield and bright field .

so if permission is given i ll post it with all details on a new post or by editing this post .


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Dear GujuRocks,

    That’s the whole point of the community – to share ideas, explorations and challenges openly and help each other achieve a lot more.

    I am very excited to see your latest design and hack.
    Its guju
    No pubg
    Also – many versions of darkfield implementation exists – just listing some here so you have access to them as well:

    Keep exploring

    1. GujuRocks says:

      yes but my ver of foldscope allows to switch between darkfield and bright field
      i was asking just not to steal your design
      i ll post it now
      my darkfield is made using single lens and some clack bindi or marker

      1. Manu Prakash says:

        That’s why I am excited 🙂

        1. GujuRocks says:

          A video is ready
          But its bad
          Here it is

          I ll post the svg file amd instructions
          I dont spare lens and a tablet holder for making good video
          Could you make one

  2. RebeccaKonte says:

    Just watched your video, this is so great, I hope you continue to work on your design! And always feel free to share your ideas, they are fantastic! 🙂

    For the set-up you designed, do you need a spare lens? I heard you mention another video with to show the assembled set-up, i’d be interested to see it all together in action…


    1. GujuRocks says:

      Thans for interest
      I cirrently have no one to hold my camera
      And due to voting in our country the xerox are also closed
      I have got the spare lens from dvd player
      If you understood my video then there are files for foldscope in up comment
      You could have those and build one your self
      Or wait for a day to have a good tutorial

    2. GujuRocks says:

      From where can i get some lens for different mags
      I have got lens from dvd for darkfield
      I could setup it but main lens are not available here

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