School workshops in Chile #chilefoldscope #MicroToxMap

Coinciding with Adam’s and Thibaut’s visit to Chile, both from Prakash Lab, we conducted some foldscope workshops in rural schools in the south of Chile. That was our first experience with kids and exceeded all our expectations. The kids were amazing assembling the foldscope and were capable of taking amazing pictures with their phones. They were actually so astonished that they kept telling us that it was the best science class they ever had!

However, not only them were amazed that day, but we were truly surprised by the capabilities of this young generation to help us. When we envisioned the MicroToxMap project, we thought that our main users would be professionals from different sectors. However, after this experience, we really think that students and schools are an amazing niche that can help us scientists in our endeavors.

As scientists, we rarely have in our hands such an amazing tool that can inspire young ones to discover and understand the fast-changing world around us. From the MicroToxMap, we understand that is our duty to share this knowledge with them. We can’t wait for our next workshops with kids!

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  1. tpollina says:

    I am so excited to see how it will evolved ! I wish I could track posts coming from Chile so please insist to make sure they will add the hashtag Chile or MTM for the next workshops !!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    What a wonderful post. Love the energy that the Chilean team and students are bringing to the table. What a wonderful juxtaposition of nature/outdoors and microscopy.

    Can’t wait to visit – and read more posts from Chile for the next coming month.


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