Hello! my name is Shamima I am student in Kabul Education University . I want to say for you about Afghan people opinion about Foldscope in  during  a few day  ago I talked with people, specially in school , at university and common place .students was very happy from see it and they said now in a school is only one microscope and they can not use to easy but from Foldscope  we can use very easy specially by phone and computer .I talked with one governmental   school students and teachers in that school and with university students .they was very happy.thanks .

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Thanks for your post @Shamima. We are happy that Foldscope made it to the Kabul Education University. I was able to find the website for the university and was thrilled to know about the focus on training and other campuses around the country raining teachers all across Afghanistan.

    Note from the website:
    ” Kabul Education University

    The university of Education was established in 2003 (16 Jawza, 1381) with an aim to forge a bold new direction for Afghan Higher Education: to explore new possibilities in teaching methods, researches and technologies to prepare students for success in rapidly changing world.
    The University being the first Institution in Afghanistan with the newly introduced Credit System has a devoted staff of about 200 Teachers and 6000 Students. The university has many child Education universities in several provinces taking on the mission of providing highly qualified teachers to fulfill the needs of teachers in schools country wide.”


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