House Fly

I am excited to share my first foldscope experience of an amazing creature (House Fly) from Afghanistan.  The thing that truly fascinated me about foldscope is that it can be used in many creative ways. I used it with 2 different lights by holding it against the electric heater and a bulb, it gave me some amazing results.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to explore the microcosmic world and to be part of the online community. We will keep exploring and posting our experiments, more to come from Afghanistan.


Fly wing
Fly wing
Tiny legs of the fly.
Tiny legs of the fly.
Tiny legs of the fly.
Tiny legs of the fly.

IMG_8339 IMG_8346

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful to see your post. Welcome to the Foldscope community. Keep your Foldscope handy; who knows when the inspiration will strike. Specially – when you are outdoors.

    Quick tip: If you have some glass slides; also give them a try. Your imaging resolution will improve immediately with the glass slide.

    Here is another exploration of fly leg –


  2. Sthorai says:

    Thank you Mr. Manu. I am definitely going to try the glass slides as well. I am keeping the Foldscope in my backpack since the day I have got it, it’s exciting .
    Also it is really interesting to know about the ON/OFF switch in flies leg. This is the second discovery of mine about the fly after knowing about its eyes, I am stunned.


  3. Manu Prakash says:

    Sthorai: I agree with you – the natural world is incredible in so many ways; and almost hidden from our perception until we stop and look.

    Also; see the link with foldsvope training videos; specially how to collect good video data:


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