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This time I am sharing with you content created by local Foldscope community in Iraq. See their nice footages!
Also, let us know your opinions and what could be improved.


1- Edit \ Unknown insect – front view.
(It looks microscopically like a lice).


2- Edit \ Unknown insect – back view + wings
(It looks microscopically like a lice)

Lice Wing

3- Ciliate movement:

4- Ant:

Photo Gallery

I feel so happy to see their work but would be happier when they post by themselves next time. Hopefully

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What a beautiful insect. It’s most likely not lice and something far more exotic. Where did you find that sample?


    1. Mohamad says:

      Macroscopically it just looks like a lice! that’s why I misidentified it because I thought it is a lice. The fact the I have not seen before a lice under a microscope.

      It is just walking around haha. Let’s find more about it. I will send you more views soon.

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