Beekeeping training summer camp at Universal Bee Club

Department of Environmental Science, University of Calcutta organized a workshop on Foldscope at Beekeeping training summer camp, at Universal Bee Club, Bauria, West Bengal in collaboration with Howrah Vigyan Chetna Samannaya.

Introductory session-
In this camp, the brief idea of melissopalynology and the use of melissopalynology for evaluation of honey was given to the beekeepers.

Beekeeping Summer Camp at Universal Bee Club, Bauria, Howrah, West Bengal

Demonstration Session-

In this session, a brief idea of paper microscope was given to the participants. observation and handling of foldscope were demonstrated.

Participants observing under foldscope

Observation under foldscope-

In this session, participants observed various slides of pollen grains under foldscope.


This was their first exposure to foldscope and in this time period, they had acquired a sufficient amount of knowledge about foldscope. Overall it was a success.

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