The exotic insect

At the very beginning, I thought this is Lice but later it turned out to be a completely different one. This time I achieved the best visual clarity so far by implementing new illumination method -See (B) in part 3- Enjoy the observation!

Sneak Peak of the observation:

Having fun!

Step by step procedure.
1- Sample
This year in Iraq we see some new creatures around that have not seen before. This insect is found as many around.
Below picture is the macroscopical appearance taken using LED magnifier kit.

2- Preparing the slide.
To keep it a live and avoid pressure on the insect while under Foldscope, I put 3 of rectangular paper slide together and fasten them with tape – the corners (see below)- so as result I had enough space to add the sample without worrying about it.

3- Illumination – I used:
A) The normal LED magnifier.

B) Another light source as shown below. I opened the Foldscope cover so that the light covers & reflects all around the sample even the dark side where the light does not reach or pass the sample.

4- Observations:

Method (A)

# Slow motion


Method (B)

# Front view

# Back view


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