Pollen from Rosebushes at Caltech

The pollen sample was collected at 2:20pm on Sunday, May 5 2019. It was collected from the rose bushes that line Moore Walk between Avery House and the Annenberg Center for Information Science and Technology. The pollen was collected by rubbing the stamen of one the flowers against the microscope slide, such that the pollen grains fell from the flower onto the slide.

The first image is of what was viewed under the foldscope. The pollen grains appear small and fairly circular. There appear to be areas where the pollen was clumped together, creating larger irregularly shaped bodies in the image. The second images shows the flowers that the pollen was collected from. Based on color and size of the flowers, we suppose that the flower is of the species Rosa rubiginosa.


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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    From the image; I am assuming that you used a sticky tape to sample the pollen. Is that correct? Could you try glass slides and cover slips. The image is not as sharp to really say if you are seeing pollen. It appears it is out of focus.

    Play with the focus ramp to get it in focus. Or it’s possible that the slide is inserted upside down – so insert the slide where the sample is close to the lens.

    Would love to see if you can improve the image while playing with the sample. It’s crucial to see why the image looks different from other pollen samples.

    Very excited to know what a rose pollen looks like. Also see a recent post on how to measure size of a single pollen grain! By @eduraffik!


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