Foldscope: Facilitating Zika Research & Grass Root Data Sharing In Honduras

Super excited about my upcoming trip to Honduras where I will be visiting various remote schools and teaching students about the many benefits and uses of the foldscope!

The Honduran government has declared a state of emergency because  of the rampant spike in Zika cases.  This foldscope project is not only timely but important because it will help the locals conduct vector control and be able to identify the different types of mosquito larvae.

During my trip I will also be giving a talk on the radio about how to stay safe from contracting Zika and the importance of creating youth groups to help raise awareness about simple safety precautions including canvassing for containers where mosquitoes can propagate.

The CDC and the World Health Organization recently announced that Zika is linked to Microcephaly therefore teaching family planning with cycle bead necklaces will also be an important component of this project.

I hope by demonstrating the many benefits of the foldscope and vital data sharing with WhatsApp we can help other countries be better prepared to mitigate the fight against Zika and other vector borne illnesses.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    Wonderful @Tina. I have requested @Christine to actually send two more kits to address in Hondurous you described in Twitter.

    Christine will post tacking number here. Please confirm when you receive. Please ask participants to actually make accounts on the site and post explorations.

    Best wishes on your upcoming trip.


    1. tinacornely says:

      Thanks Manu and Christine. I will let you all know when they arrive and will also have the users create their own account on the microcosmos blog.

      More to follow soon!

  2. Manu Prakash says:

    Also; I really like your whatsapp idea @tina. @laks and @joshua tried it a little bit. If and one can figure out if whatsapp messages can be captured on WordPress; that would be great.


  3. laksiyer says:

    Cant wait to read your adventures.

  4. ckurihara says:

    The foldscopes have shipped – tracking number is LJ 162 088 380 US @tinacornely

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