Foldscope made it to a big family meeting

We used to gather in every opportunity to meet and share the love and enjoy the good time all together with delicious meals. But this time’s reason was different! I wanted to change the routine and take advantage of being part of this big family. Guess what the topic was FOLDSCOPE 🙂

So I called everyone and invited them to our house – After taking my mom’s permission haha-.
At the day of gathering, I did a quick presentation about biology and Microscopy then moved to the practical side of testing Foldscope.

My young relatives were super excited and waiting for me to inform them the date that I will visit their school to conduct a workshop and help me during it.
Enjoy the photos 🙂

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  1. Manu Prakash says:

    What an incredible group of pictures. Just so beautiful – I can see the curiosity in the eyes of the young ones; just so intensely listening.

    Reminded me of my extended family – thanks for sharing such a personal and powerful moment. Just wow.


    1. Mohamad says:

      Thanks @manup.

      That’s because I feel Foldscope community as my 2nd home and we are all one big family.

      I hope I can do much more sooner or later.


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